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Latest Advances in LC-MS/MS Analysis

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Tuesday, August 27, 2019


As an essential goal to deliver the latest technologies and excellent solutions to our customers, in cooperation with Sciex, we were glad to hold a two days seminar titled "LATEST ADVANCES IN LC-MS/MS ANALYSIS".

The first day highlighted the following topics for the Forensics, Clinical, Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical sectors

- Mass Spectrometric Techniques Unique to the QTRAP® System for Sensitive Identification and Quantification of Compounds and their Metabolites in Hair

- Sensitive and Selective LC-MS/MS tool for Bioanalytical Quantitation

- Forensic Toxicology Screening of 664 Compounds on the X500R QTOF System

- New Features, Workflows, and Reporting using SCIEX OS 1.5 Software

- SCIEX X500R: The Next Generation QTOF for Forensic Toxicology Analysis

- Mass Spectrometry in Clinical Research

- Characterization and Quantitation of Genotoxic Impurities Using a Single Platform: The Valsartan Case

- What’s new in Steroids Analysis

- Biologics Characterization Made Easy

The second day was dedicated for the food and environemntal labs with the following topics:

- New food & environmental testing workflows to expand your testing portfolio

- Robust, High-Throughput, Fast Polarity Switching Quantitation of 530 Mycotoxins, Masked Mycotoxins and other Metabolites

- Targeted and Non-Targeted Residue Analysis using High Resolution Instrument

- New Features, Workflows, and Reporting using SCIEX OS 1.5 Software

- Food Authenticity Test: A LC-MS/MS Approach

- Reduce Matrix Effect, Increase Throughput,& Decrease Data Processing Time For Routine
Food Testing Using QTRAP MSMS

We  are grateful for our customer who attended this seminar and showed great interest and serious potential for such technologies for their labs...