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Mettler Toledo, Analytical Balances, Precision Balances, Micro balance, Microbalance, UltraMicro Balances, Automated Powder & Liquid Dosing Systems, Moisture Analyzers and Mass Comparators, Top Loading Balance, 2 digit balance, 3 digit balance, 4 digit balance, 5 digit balance, 6 digit balance, 7 digit balance

Analytical Balances, Precision Balances, Micro & Ultramicro Balances, Automated Powder & Liquid Dosing Systems, Moisture Analyzers, Mass Comparators and Test Weights

Sciex, TOF Systems, MALDI TOF Systems, Triple Quadrupole Systems, Ion Trap Triple Quadrupole Systems, Ion Mobility Spectrometry

LC-MS/MS Analysis,TOF, MALDI TOF, Triple Quadrupole, Ion Trap Triple Quadrupole, Ion Mobility Spectrometry, Capillary Electrophoresis and Clinical Diagnostics Mass Spectrometers

Life Sciences & Medical Laboratories

Super Resolution Microscopes, Multiphoton Microscopes, Confocal Microscopes, Inverted Microscopes, Upright Microscopes, Cell Screening and Polarizing Microscopes

IVF And Genetics Labs

ESCO IVF, Gonetec Osmometers, Hamilton Thorne Laser, IVFTech Lab Equipment, Molecular Devices, Nikon Microscopes, SparMed and Vitrolife IVF Products

Thermionic emission microscopy, Field emission microscopy Field Ion Beam microscopy and Detectors

SEM, FIB-SIM, Thermionic Emission Microscopy Systems, Field Emission Microscopy Systems, Field Ion Beam Microscopy Systems, Detectors and Accessories

Mettler Toledo, C-Therm, Teledyne, Buchi, Pharmatest, Suretorque, Pmeasuring, PMS, PGC, Parameter, Parameter Generation, Control, IVF, Balances, Scales, Laboratory, Thermal Analysis, Density meter, ph meter, Refractometer, Melting point, dropping point, conductivity, BOD, Dissolved Oxygen, Titration, NIR, Chromatography, Extraction, Kjeldal, Drying, Evaporation

Titration, pH, ORP, ION Concentration, DO, BOD, Conductivity, Melting & Dropping point, Density, Refractometry, Spectrophotometry  UV/VIS, Thermal Analysis

Thermo Sscientific, Thermo Fisher, TruScan RM, TruTools, TruScan GP, microPHAZIR RX, microPHAZIR PC, microPHAZIR GP, microPHAZIR AS, Gemini, FirstDefender RMX, TruDefender FTX/FTXi and TruNarc

Plastic Identification, Asbestos Identification, Raw Material Identification,TruScan RM, TruScan GP, microPHAZIR RX, microPHAZIR PCو microPHAZIR AS

Bench Scale, Portable Scale, Floor Scales, Heavy-Duty Scales, Weigh Modules, Load Cells, Weight Sensors, Truck Scales, Weighbridge

Industrial Scales, Platforms, Bench Scales & Portable Scales, Floor Scales & Heavy Duty Scales, Weigh Modules, Load Cells & Weight Sensors,Truck Scales and Calibration Scales

Pharmatest, Dissolution Testing, Dissolution Media Preparation, Media Preparation, Online Automated Dissolution System,  Tablet Dissolution Testing, Ampoule Testing,  Leak Testing, Powder Testing, Suppository Testing, Tablet Disintegration Testing, Tablet Friability Testing, Tablet Hardness Testing, SureTorque, Cap Torque Testing, Avestin, Homogenizers, Pressure Control

Dissolution Systems, Leak Testing, Suppository Testing, Powder Testing, Friability Testing, Hardness Testing, Torque Testers, Homogenizers and Pressure Control

PGC, Parameter generation, Parameter Control, Parameter generation and control, Chambers, Rooms, Conditioners, Baths, Isolators with H2O2 Vapor Technology, H2O2 Vapor Generator, contained workstations

Stability Chambers, Stability Rooms, Stability Room Conditioners, Baths, Isolators with H2O2 Vapor Technology, H2O2 Vapor Generators and Contained Workstations

Pmeasuring, PMS, Rotronic, Air Technique, Air Technique International, ATI, Air and Liquid Particle Counters, Temperature, Humidity, CO2, Differential Pressure, Flow Meter, Water Activity and DewPoint data Loggers, Transmitters, Probes, Photometers, Aerosol Generators, Aerosol Injection & Conditioning and Filter Tester

Air Particle Counters, Liquid Particle Counters, Temperature Logger, Humidity Logger, Differential Pressure Logger, Water Activity, Data Loggers, Aerosol Generators, Aerosol Conditioning

Sterilizers, washers, Media Preparation,Media Dispensing, Liquid handling, Incubators, Freezers, Chambers, Ovens and Vacuum Ovens

Autoclaves, Sterilizers, Washers, Media Preparation, Media Dispensing, Liquid handling, Pipettes, Incubators, Freezers, Chambers, Ovens, Vacuum Ovens, Furnaces and Microscopes

Pall, Scharlab, Scharlau, Danaher, Liquid Filters, Air Filters, Sediment Filters, Microfilters, Bioburden filters, Syringe Filers, Chemicals, solvents, acetonitrile, methanol, acids, reagents, queshers, quechers, queschers

Liquid Filters, Air Filters, Sediment Filters, Microfilters, Bioburden filters, Virus Filters, Carbon Filters, Syringe Filers, Glassware, Plasticware and Chemicals