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Environment Control Systems

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PGC Walk-in Stability Rooms, Stability room, PGC Stability room
Each Parameter Pharmaceutical walk-in Room is custom built to met ICH and FDA guidelines for storage... More
PGC Humidity Chamber, PGC Temperature Chamber
Calibration chambers, Photostability chambers, Rapid textile tester chambers, hanging...... More
PGC Humidity & Temperature Conditioners, PGC Conditioner, Parameter Generation and Control
Humidifying , dehumidifying, heating, cooling, and circulation capabilities are all packaged in one self-... More
PGC Humidity & Temperature Baths
Controlled constant-temperature bath and circulating controlled temperature liquids though external...... More
Bioquell biodecontamination, Bioquell Qube, Bioquell SeQure, Bioquell L-4, Bioquell Z-2, Bioquell  IG-2
Wide range of scalable Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor systems with which you can work more productively like... More