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Thermo TruScan RM Analyzer, Thermo Pharmaceutical identification, Thermo raw materials Identification, Thermo portable instrument, Thermo compliance with GMP requirements
Pharmaceutical raw materials Identification portable instrument for 100% compliance More
Thermo Pharmaceutical Identification, Thermo raw materials Identification, Thermo General Chemical Identification, Thermo portable Instrument, compliance with HMP requirements
Pharmaceutical raw materials and General Chemical Identification portable Instrument... Read more
Thermo microPHAZIR™ PC, Thermo Plastic Identification, Thermo Polymer Identification, Thermo NIR spectroscopy polymers, Thermo fiber Identification
Analyzer for Plastic/Polymer Identification is an NIR spectroscopy tool that rapidly screens... Read more
Thermo microPHAZIR™ RX Analyzer, Thermo raw material identification
A portable tool that meets regulatory requirements, improves product quality, cuts manufacturing... Read more
Thermo microPHAZIR™ AS Analyzer, Thermo asbestos identification, Thermo asbestos fibers identification, Thermo chrysotile identification, Thermo crocidolite identification, Thermo anthophyllite identification, Thermo tremolite identification, Thermo actinolite identification, Thermo amosite identification
Prevent asbestos exposure on site and identify asbestos substitution in products with microPHAZIR... Read more