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Fedegari Vertical Lab Sterilizers, Fedegari Benchtop Lab Sterilizers, Fedegari Stand-alone Lab Sterilizers
A wide range of Vertical Lab Sterilizers, Benchtop Lab Sterilizers and Stand-alone Lab Sterilizers... More
Fedegari Washers, Fedegari Lab Glassware Washers, Fedegari steam generator
High quality and reliable Lab Glassware Washers with steam generator to improve... More
Integra culture media, Integra fill Petri dishes, Integra MediaClave 10, Integra MediaClave 30 , Integra MediaJet
A quality all-round solution to prepare culture media and fill Petri dishes quickly and reliably with... More
Integra Microplate dispensers, Integra aspiration systems, Integra peristaltic pumps, Integra flame sterilization
Microplate dispensers, aspiration systems, peristaltic pumps and flame sterilization.... More
Binder CO2 incubators, Binder Standard-Incubators, Binder Cooling incubators, Binder Growth chambers, Binder Ultra low temperature freezers, Binder Drying and heating chambers, Binder Safety drying chambers, Binder Vacuum drying chambers, Binder Constant climate chambers, Binder Dynamic climate chambers
CO2 incubators, Standard-Incubators, Cooling incubators, Growth chambers, Ultra low temperature freezers,... More
Carbolite High temperature furnaces, Carbolite High temperature ovens, Ovens 30°C to 3000°C, Carbolite Ovens, Carbolite Chamber Furnaces, Carbolite Tube furnaces, Carbolite Vacuum Furnaces.
High temperature furnaces and ovens from 30°C to 3000°C such as Ovens, Chamber Furnaces, Tube..... More